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Mouthguards Specialist

RR Dentistry

located in Georgetown, TX

If you play contact sports or engage in other activities that can harm your teeth, custom mouth-guards are a great way to preserve and protect your smile. The dentists at RR Dentistry can deliver top-quality mouthguards to residents in and around Georgetown, Texas. If you’d like more information, call the office to set up a visit or book online from the comfort of home, any time of day or night.

Mouthguards Q & A

What are mouthguards?

Mouth-guards are removable dental devices that create a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. They are a great way to protect your teeth from harm during high-risk activities. 

Some of the reasons you might choose to wear a mouthguard include activities like:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Wrestling
  • Biking
  • Lacrosse
  • Basketball 

A special kind of mouthguard can also be worn during sleep to protect your teeth from grinding or clenching.

Are mouthguards comfortable to wear?

As with all removable oral devices, getting used to wearing your custom mouthguard can take some time. It will likely feel strange the first few times you wear it, and you may find yourself moving your jaw and tongue to adapt to the device. 

The custom mouthguards created by RR Dentistry are molded to fit your bite. Compared to over-the-counter, one-size-fits-most options, custom mouthguards are far more comfortable. 

If you find that your mouthguard creates soreness on any area of your cheeks, gums, or other soft tissues, bring it in for a quick assessment. Minor changes can most likely be made in-house to ensure a more comfortable fit. 

Remember, you are only meant to wear your mouthguard while engaged in activities that could harm your teeth and gums. These devices are proven to significantly reduce the risk of dental injuries, so taking the time to get accustomed to speaking, breathing, and swallowing while wearing your mouthguard is well worth the effort. 

What kinds of mouthguards are available?

RR Dentistry offers custom-molded mouth-guards designed to be worn during high-risk sports and other activities. These are available for both children and adults, and you can have a new guard created if your bite changes over time. 

The practice also offers customized occlusal night guards, a mouthguard worn during sleep. These devices prevent you from grinding your teeth during the night and clenching your jaw. They are a great way to treat temporomandibular joint disorder and prevent dental issues like fractures, cracks, and worn-down teeth. 

If you’d like more information about mouthguards, call the office today to set up a personalized visit. Online booking is also available and is fast and easy.