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How RR Dentistry Treats Occlusal Disease


How RR Dentistry Treats Occlusal Disease

What Is Occlusal Disease?

Occlusal disease is when a patient’s bite is not properly aligned. Because of the poor alignment, every time the patient bites down, the pressure begins to create problems with the teeth, muscles, jaw bone, and jaw joint. Occlusal disease is one of the most common dental disorders, while at the same time one of the most undiagnosed dental disorders.

Symptoms of occlusal disease are varied. Where the upper and lower teeth meet, it’s common to find the enamel completely worn down. Once this happens, the teeth begin to show visible wear quickly. It’s not uncommon for teeth to look very worn.

With occlusal disease, teeth can also become loose and move much easier, often becoming sensitive to temperature changes and sore from biting. They can even fracture easier. Beyond the structural damage to a person’s teeth is the damage done to their jaw and joints. The jaw muscles can become sore and painful, and headaches are a common complaint. We have also found that patients with occlusal disease have jaw joints that pop and click (TMD) while eating and opening and many times also suffer from Sleep-disordered breathing and more specifically Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Not only is this annoying (the click and pop) and life-threatening (Sleep Apnea), it can be painful in the jaw joint area.

When Occlusal Disease Goes Untreated

Without treatment, the teeth will continue to wear down and become worse over time, sometimes leading to tooth loss. The jaw muscles and joints will continue to cause discomfort as well. The longer occlusal disease goes untreated, the more complex the treatment will need to be, which is why it’s better to begin treatment for occlusal disease as early as possible.

How RR Dentistry Will Treat Occlusal Disease

Once properly diagnosed, and the root cause explored, Dr. Ryan Roberson or Dr. Cory Roach can prescribe treatment. Depending on your case, it could involve positional orthotics, simple orthodontic treatments, positional appliances, mild reshaping of the teeth, restorations of worn teeth, or a combination of several treatments. The earlier we diagnose, the less complex the treatment.

The key to preventing damage from occlusal disease is examination and diagnosis. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please let us know so we can take a closer look. Early intervention will help us to prevent more costly problems.

If you are concerned about occlusal disease, please let us have a look. Give us a call at (512) 869-5997 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.


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