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Dental Microscopy at RR Dentistry


Dental Microscopy at RR Dentistry

What is Dental Microscopy?

Dental microscopy is quite simply the process of performing dental care under the aided magnification of a microscope.

Why Dental Microscopy?

Most dentists feel they are providing the highest standards of care without the use of a dental microscope, and often believe the use of one is unnecessary. However, procedures requiring extreme dexterity and visual acuity such as dental care benefit greatly from the increased lighting and magnification microscopes provide. These two benefits provide a clear distinction between surfaces that may appear similar in color and texture under traditional working conditions. Tooth structure and restorative materials such as decay, enamel, dentin, composite and porcelain are easily distinguishable and can be viewed with unprecedented detail under the scrutiny of the microscope. The increased precision and corresponding increase in longevity must be considered in any field involving patient care.

Additional Benefits to the Dental Microscope

Besides the higher standard of care microscopes provide to the doctor and patient, the improved ergonomics greatly reduces the physical stress and strain of providing dental care.

The level of magnification differs between the doctors and hygienists. The doctor uses portable versions of magnification with scopes attached to glasses that provide up to 6 X magnification. The use of lighted magnification allows for ideal vision and a level of precision necessary to deliver exceptional results

Know that here at RR Dentistry each member wants to provide the best care we know how to in the most comfortable setting possible. Our desire is to be as precise and accurate as possible in providing that care. This is why using magnification is necessary when providing dental care at the level of RR standards. Come see the difference. Call us a 512-869-5997 to schedule your comprehensive examination and you will see the scopes in use.


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