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Sleep Dentistry Specialist

RR Dentistry

located in Georgetown, TX

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep and want relief, you can trust RR Dentistry in Georgetown, Texas, for exceptional care. Highly trained, restorative, cosmetic, and sedation dentists offer comprehensive sleep dentistry to improve your sleep, reduce your snoring, and help you get a better night's rest. Call the RR Dentistry office or schedule an appointment online today.

Sleep Dentistry Q & A

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry at RR Dentistry uses a variety of cutting-edge treatments to widen your airway during sleep. Doing so reduces unpleasant symptoms of sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, helping you sleep better and breathe easier at night.

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry?

Some of the many benefits you can expect by choosing sleep dentistry at RR Dentistry include:

  • Less snoring
  • Less daytime sleepiness
  • Waking up feeling rested
  • Easier breathing at night
  • No more morning headaches
  • No more morning dry mouth
  • Better focus at work or school
  • Improvements in quality of life

Sleep dentistry may help you avoid the need for harsh sleeping medications or invasive procedures designed to improve sleep quality. RR Dentistry providers specialize in treating disordered breathing during sleep. 

Is sleep dentistry right for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for sleep dentistry at RR Dentistry, your provider discusses your oral health and medical histories. If you’ve been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or snore loudly, sleep dentistry could be the solution for you.

What are some common sleep dentistry options?

Some of the many sleep dentistry treatments available at RR Dentistry include:

Solea® Sleep laser treatment

Solea Sleep uses revolutionary laser technology to stimulate cell regeneration in soft palate tissues, widening your airway and allowing you to breathe easier when you sleep.


HealthyStart technology helps straighten your teeth and improve your bite without braces, improving your airflow while you sleep to give you a better night’s rest.

Vivos System® oral appliances

The Vivos System uses custom-fitted oral appliances to reposition your jaw and open your airway. You wear the appliance when you sleep. 

Other treatments for sleep-related breathing disorders include setting a regular bedtime, getting regular exercise, and avoiding alcohol or sleeping pills before bed. Maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing stress can also improve your sleep quality.

RR Dentistry specialists tailor each sleep dentistry treatment to give you the best outcome and ensure you wake up feeling well-rested.

To learn more about sleep dentistry options at RR Dentistry and find out which are best for you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.