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Combating Gum Disease With Gingivectomy


Combating Gum Disease With Gingivectomy

What Is Gingivectomy Surgery?

A gingivectomy is a procedure to remove a portion of the gum tissue from around a tooth or teeth. It may be performed to heal the effects of periodontal disease or to correct overgrown gingiva. It is one of a few procedures that can help reverse periodontal issues making it easier to clean around the teeth and reduce pocket depth. A similar procedure is a gingivoplasty, which only partially removes a section of gum tissue rather than the entire section.

How Are Gingivectomies Performed?

These surgeries are typically completed with a surgical scalpel, though at RR Dentistry use of a specialized laser is used. The diseased gum tissue is trimmed and removed, and then the remaining tissue attaches around the teeth with healing. A local anesthetic keeps the patient comfortable during the procedure. The recovery process typically takes less than two weeks.

Ask Us If Gingivectomy Is Right For you

If you struggle with overgrown gum tissue or gum disease, a gingivectomy might be the solution to get your oral health back where it should be. Give us a call at (512) 869-5997 or send us a email to schedule an appointment so that we can determine the best option for you.


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