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8 Problems That Lumineers® Resolve

8 Problems That Lumineers® Resolve

Confidence in your smile translates into confidence across the board. A brilliant smile introduces you to the world, so you want it to stand out. Yet few people arrive on the scene with a perfect set of teeth. Whether flaws are major or minor, it can feel as though they’re all that someone sees. Say goodbye to your confidence.

At RR Dentistry in Georgetown, Texas, we frequently recommend Lumineers® ultra-thin porcelain veneers to even out and improve a wide range of cosmetic conditions affecting your smile. Thinner than conventional veneers, Lumineers are minimally invasive and require little to no permanent alteration of your natural teeth. 

If you decide down the road that veneers aren’t for you, Lumineers are the only veneer system that can be removed. That’s just the beginning of the benefits of this versatile product. Here are eight smile problems that Lumineers can resolve. 

1. Brightening your smile

There’s no better brightener than a teeth whitening session at the dentist’s office. Or is there? Lumineers can take whiteness past the level of the best dental bleachings. Your natural teeth are always limited by the color of the middle dentin layer showing through the translucent enamel. You can choose your shade of brightness with Lumineers.

2. Fixing stains and discoloration

When you have a tooth that stands out, it’s probably not a good thing. Yet a single Lumineer veneer can bring a discolored or stained tooth back in line, matched to your adjacent natural teeth. It’s a quick yet long-lasting solution. 

3. Closing the gap

Spaces between teeth aren’t always quirky cute. Lumineers can change the profile of the teeth on each side of an unsightly gap, closing it up evenly for a uniform smile.

4. Correcting minor alignment issues

Some minor tooth alignment problems don’t require orthodontics or clear aligners. Instead, you can draw on the profile-altering ability of Lumineers to reshape your way into evenly aligned teeth. 

5. Reshaping teeth

Sometimes, tiny changes can add up to spectacular results. Misshapen teeth, gummy smiles, and small teeth all detract from an ideal smile. And all of these issues are candidates for correction by Lumineers.

6. Covering chips and damage

Chipped and cracked teeth can still be structurally solid even if they don’t present the best aesthetic effect. Not only can Lumineers hide tooth damage, the extra layer of cemented porcelain can reinforce and protect the tooth from future damage. 

7. Restoring worn teeth

Jaw clenchers and tooth grinders can wear down teeth with the added pressure and contact between tooth surfaces, altering spacing and bite. Lumineers can add back the lost enamel, helping to maintain both appearance and function. 

8. Renewing bridgework and crowns

Tooth replacement systems that are getting on in their years may remain structurally sound while losing their luster from an aesthetic perspective. Lumineers can revitalize artificial crowns as easily as your natural teeth. 

The best part? You can combine all of these Lumineers benefits to maximize the impact of your smile. Contact RR Dentistry by phone or online to learn more about Lumineers and what they can do for you. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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