RR Dentistry Vision

We will value the time with and of our patients, team and those we have contact with.  At RR Dentistry our team will view, see, treat, care for and serve others the way Christ has served us. RR Dentistry will be known for delivering exceptional state of the art comprehensive dental care with a holistic approach including the airway and its impact on the overall wellness of the individual. RR Dentistry will be recognized by our team and the community as one of the most generous  dental office in the area, gifting to local charities and those in need regularly. In fulfilling this vision, our doctors, team, patients, community and individuals who have any contact with RR Dentistry will be impacted physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the better with God being given the glory!

RR Dentistry Mission

Reflecting Christ through compassionate care, restoring smiles and exceptional experiences.

Compassionate Care- RR takes the time to listen, know who you are, learn from your previous experiences and create an environment to increase the probability for you to feel heard, relaxed, and cared for as an individual. Learning from your past through questions and being curious will help us modify the present experience and in turn will change your future visits and experiences with us. We meet every morning and every week to work on the practice of how we can improve as a team and as
individuals, so you will feel cared for, valued and loved as an individual. With this time investment, RR
Dentistry believes compassion will be contagious and you will feel the difference when you are care for by
us as individuals and as a team collectively.

Restoring Smiles- To restore your smile and the health of your mouth to its best version of itself is our goal. Using the latest technology and science our team will restore your teeth, gums and bone of your mouth which in turn has an impact on your overall health. Best version of itself means healthy bone support and foundation, no inflammation in your gums, very low levels of plaque and you having the tools to take control of your home care and the knowledge from coaching to keep the teeth in their original form. In turn, any care we provide you will have the best chance of lasting the longest amount of time possible. We truly want to provide the lease amount of dentistry to you over your lifetime. That means providing an optimal solution, fixing it conservatively and then setting you up to succeed in caring for it at home while providing regular check ups and maintenance visits with our expert hygienists. The cleaner you keep your mouth the longer the care will last. Using materials when we do have to provide care that mimic nature means we use no alloys or metal and blend the materials in with your natural color and for optimal esthetics.

Exceptional Experiences- Exceptional experiences are the result of our compassionate care, the culture as a result of this compassion centered care approach by our whole team. Restoring your smile to its best version will result in the longest lasting, most durable solution when we are providing you the skills and tools to keep your mouth healthy. As a final result of all our efforts and curiosity of who you are exceptional experiences will be realized. Experiences tailored to your individual comfort, desires, safety and unique wants will be the result.