Meet Dr. Roberson

Choosing your dentist is an important decision. Here, you’ll find the information that will help you in the decision making process. Our doctors love to stay up to date with emerging technologies, procedures and trends in cosmetic and general dentistry.  The dental field changes frequently with new advances, some good and some bad. Drs. Roberson, Roach and Smith do their best to research and sift through this information to find procedures and techniques that will best benefit your oral health care and overall health.

Ryan P. Roberson, DDS

Dr. Roberson has always been interested in the field of medicine; he was drawn to dentistry because of its combination of science and artistry. Dr. Roberson joined the team of Dr. H. Bart Smith in June of 2004 when he and his wife Amber moved to the area. They have carefully assembled a team of friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable professionals with a common interest in creating beautiful smiles. He has helped Georgetown area patients maintain excellent dental health and enhance the appearance of their smiles ever since. After receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Roberson moved to Georgetown with Amber his wife and 3 dogs and joined Dr. Smith’s practice. In January of 2008 Dr. Roberson bought in as partner to the practice and enjoyed 4 years of growth not only as a dentist but as a father and husband. In March of 2012 Dr. Roberson became the sole owner of RR Dentistry and as of August of 2013 has partnered with Dr. Cory Roach with whom are dedicated to continually serve the community of Georgetown and our patients alike.

Dr. Roberson continues to be excited about what the future holds for the team and the people he serves. Dr. Ryan Roberson finds the body as a whole, when cared for properly, can be its best version. Dr. Roberson wants to do his part in helping each person he serves move closer to becoming overall the healthiest version of themselves. To this end, Dr. Roberson has a passion for sleep disordered breathing and its connection to dentistry in providing Dental Sleep Medicine options. Dr. Roberson has been on an ongoing quest to discover the connection found between Sleep disordered breathing many people suffer from and many common dental conditions and abnormalities for each individual. Dr. Roberson believes each person deserves a good nights rest and when not able to rest due to an airway obstruction then one cannot be the best version of themselves. Due to airway breathing challenges and the connection found with the TMJ joint and disorders of the growth and development of the jaw, Dr. Roberson wants to address the “why” for his patients instead of providing only a band aid for the underlying condition.

When not helping his patients, Dr. Roberson loves to spend time with his family enjoying the many parks & lakes surrounding the area. Dr. Roberson has two daughters Ryah and Aven, two female dogs which makes him greatly outnumbered in the gender category. Dr. Roberson really enjoys snow skiing, volleyball, and the outdoors along with trying to stay physically fit and healthy.


Dr. Roberson began his undergraduate studies in Austin for two years and completed his undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree in Biology at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, he graduated in the top 10 of his class with Magna Cum Laude honors and excellence in clinical and cosmetic dentistry in 2004. He enjoys the daily interaction with his patients and seeing the improvement of their oral health and smiles.

Commitment to New Technology and continuing education:

Dr. Roberson is excited by the possibilities of dentistry today. Modern cosmetic and restorative dentistry have opened up new arenas of opportunity for patients looking to improve the function and esthetics of their smiles. And as dentistry continues to evolve, advances in technique, technology, and materials are making possible today what could only be imagined yesterday. Through continuing education these new techniques and technologies are mastered with the patients smiles and oral health in mind at all times.

Professional Memberships:

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
American Dental Association
Texas Dental Association
Capital Area Dental Society
Academy of General Dentistry
Lone Star Dental Seminars
Spencer Study Club
Seattle Study Club
SPEAR Faculty Club
SPEAR Study Club

Honors and awards:

Honors program- UTHSCSA, 2003-04
American College of Prosthodontics- UTHSCSA, achievement in the study of prosthodontics, 2004
Excellence in clinical dentistry-UTHSCSA, 2002-2004
UTHSCSA dental Dean’s List, 2000-2004
America’s top dentists 2007-2020

Current Continuing Education:

AADSM Masters program- “Qualified” status working towards “Diplomate” status
SPEAR Advanced Occlusion- completed Aug 2020
Spencer Study Club- Online learning and videos- advanced training in sleep apnea and TMJ/TMD disorders completed 3/2020
Sleep Consortium attended January 2020
Dentsply-Sirona SIroWorld attended 10/2019
SPEAR Faculty Club Summit attended 9/2019
SPEAR Complex Case Planning, Sequencing and Phased Treatment Completed Oct 2,2018
SPEAR Airway Prosthodontics – Prevent, Control, Resolve Completed Mar 10, 2018
Cerec doctors level 4-SPEAR-fall 2017
Anterior Restorative design- SPEAR workshop- summer 2017
SPEAR Sleep medicine in the dental practice- spring 2017
Seattle Study Club Symposium- January 2017
Treating the worn dentition-workshop-SPEAR- Winter 2016
SPEAR faculty club summit- fall 2016
CEREC straight forward digital enamel- Fall 2016
Restorative design-workshop-SPEAR-Summer 2016
Excellence in composite restorations-workshop-SPEAR-spring 2016
Occlusion in the dental practice-workshop-SPEAR-fall 2015
Facially Generated Treatment Planning-workshop-SPEAR- Fall 2015
Creating esthetic excellence- seminar-SPEAR Education-fall 2015
The art of treatment planning and case presentation-seminar-SPEAR education-summer 2015
Lone Star Dental Seminars- (07-current)-member, an organized study club where fellow dentists
and dental specialists come together to continue our education and better ourselves by learning
the newest research based and backed technologies and techniques.
Member of the Act Dental Coaching community from 6/2012-10/2017
Esthetic gingival Surgery-2010 Subepithelial Connective tissue grafts and Esthetic crown
Lengthening- treatment of the gummy smile-Robbins/RindlerDDS-2010
6 month smiles- Short Term Orthodontics- Adult cosmetic braces. Correction of spacing and
crowding of teeth in the esthetic smile zone-2010
TDA-2010-varying courses on updates in dentistry.
2008 Comprehensive Dentistry – Bill Strupp D.D.S.
TDA 08- attended the annual dental conference to keep up on bettering the practices care toward our patients
Invisalign certification, 2007 -Clear, plastic aligners aimed at straightening teeth through orthodontic movement.
Esthetic Gingival Surgery, 2007 – Connective tissue grafting, esthetic crown lengthening, treatment of “gummy” smile
CORE- Comprehensive Oral rehabilitation and Esthetic Dentistry Continuum graduate, 2006
Effective Orthodontic Treatment, 2006
Advanced practice management for every Dental Practice, 2006
Practical oral surgery: Surgical Extractions, 2006
Nuts and Bolts Occlusion, 2006
Excellence in Cast Gold, 2006
New aspects of Dentistry, 2006